First talk of 2013. JANUARY 18, Gender and Nationalism in Galicia

                                                                                                          New York University  Center for European and Mediterranean Studies     and the Network for East-West Women


                                                                                                                                                                               January 18, 2013

MKebalo 2011                                       Marta Kichorowska Kebalo, Ph.D.Anthropology, CUNY; Lecturer, Anthropology, Sociology and Linguistics, 

           “Ethnicity, gender, and class in Interwar Galicia: The Ukrainian women’s movement of the 1920s-30s and beyond.”

Friday 4:30-6:00 p.m.
at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies
New York University

285 Mercer Street, 7th floor
(between Waverly and Washington Place)


Call for Papers to CSW 2013 Participants




            PANEL March  8 or 15, 2013

Priority date for submission of Proposals: January 15, 2013.

The GENDER and TRANSFORMATION in EUROPE Workshop at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies at New York University invites those from the region of  east, south and central Europe and the former Soviet Union, including the Baltic countries and Central Asia, who will be in New York attending the CSW meetings March 4 – 15,2013 to submit a proposal to speak on  a panel that will be held on either Friday, March 8 or 15, 2013 at 4:30-6:30 PM. We will have three or four speakers. The topic can be on either 1- your assessment of what is and is not useful in the UN or EU programs, practices and/or structures for gender and women’s issues in your country and what changes you would propose or 2- any issue on gender in relation to your country but should not be on a general topic.

The workshop is a small, informal, and friendly group of about 20 feminist scholars, activists, and journalists that has been meeting for more than 15 years. We have a feminist approach and have been closely affiliated with the Network of East/West Women. We have general background information, so general talks are not relevant for this group.

Your proposal should cover some specific area of empirical or theoretical gender research, activism, or expertise, for example :  women,  gender and women’s rights and the UN or EU in relation to your country;  your country’s relation to the European Women’s Lobby and problems or benefits from it; women’s activism in your country; gender and NGOs and/or transnational alliances in relation to your country; gender policy; gender in relation to current political and economic developments and crises in your country; feminist political theory or historical debates in your country in relation to gender; questions of gender and justice, legitimacy and/or democratization; gender and immigration in relation to your country; gender and right wing developments in your country; gender in relation to some other current issue in your country.

You should be prepared to speak for about 15 minutes. The meeting will take place at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies.

We offer a small honorarium; however, we regret that we cannot cover transportation expenses to New York City.

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • a title for your talk
  • an abstract of less than 200 words describing your proposed talk, explaining how your talk relates to gender, women’s activism, gender policy, or feminist political theory, and discussing your expertise as a scholar or activist
  • a  one-page curriculum vitae or resume.
  • Which dates you are available- March 8 or 15 or either.

Nanette Funk, Professor Emerita, Department of Philosophy, City University of New York

Co-Coordinator Workshop on Gender and Transformation in Europe

Please e-mail

For more information about the Workshop see 



Dec 7: We are not all Buronvoskie Babushki

New York University

Center for European and Mediterranean Studies
and the Network of East-West Women

 present the
Gender and Transformation: Women in Europe Workshop

 Jane Gary Harris, Professor of Russian Literature and Culture, University of Pittsburgh
“We are not all Buronovskie Babushki: Gender, aging, and social policy in Russia Today”

Friday, Dec.7, 4:30-6:00 p.m.
at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies
New York University

285 Mercer Street, 7th floor