November 13: Mariya Ivancheva, “The Spirit of the Law: Mobilizing and/or Professionalizing the Women’s Movement in Bulgaria”

Our next meeting is Friday, November 13, when our speaker will be:

Mariya Ivancheva, post-doctoral researcher, Equality Studies Center, University College, Dublin.

 Mariya P Ivancheva obtained a PhD in Sociology and Social Anthropology from CEU in 2013. After studying the rise and fall of Eastern European dissidents in the process of transformation in Eastern Europe, Ivancheva went on to explore another process in which intellectuals came to power to take part in processes of social change. Her doctoral dissertation explored the role of socialist intellectuals in the higher education reform in Bolivarian Venezuela.

During her PhD Ivancheva also worked on the project of Dr Andrea Krizsan and Dr Raluca Popa at CEU – “Mobilizing for Policy Change: Women’s Movements in Central and Eastern European Domestic Violence Policy Struggles”. In 2014 Ivancheva joined the School of Social Justice, University College Dublin, as a post-doctoral research assistant. There she works on the IRC funded project Equality of Opportunity in  Practice: Studies in Working, Learning, and Caring. The project explores new inequalities in the Irish higher education system: work-life ballance, gender divisions, and the new ethos of care(-lessness) in the new neoliberal academy. Ivancheva has published on topics as social movements, contentious politics, and intellectual dissent, history and legacy of socialism, gender, university reform and welfare policies in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Further biographic and bibliographic details can be found here:


All meetings take place at CEMS, 285 Mercer St. from 4:30 to 6:00pm.

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