Resisting Genderphobia in Hungary

Please join us for our second Fall 2022 meeting of the Gender & Transformation in Central-Eastern Europe and Eurasia workshop (Zoom only):

Judit Takacs

Research Professor, Centre for Social Sciences – Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence, Budapest, Hungary

Friday, Oct. 7

2-3PM New York City time

By analysing relevant pieces of legislation and policy documents, we show how genderphobia became a fundamental feature of an expanding far-right agenda that has been playing out in practice since the “System of National Cooperation” was established in Hungary in 2010. Genderphobia is the aversion of disrupting dominant gender and sexual hierarchies, by addressing and critically interrogating gendered differences and gender as a social construct. Genderphobia is both an ideology about the fearfulness of gender as well as the action of fear mongering for political effect. State institutions are gendered and sexualized in that they have been structured on dominant gender and sexual norms that reinforce male and heterosexual dominance. We argue that genderphobia is evident in the rise of anti-LGBTIQ policies and contributes to the weakening of democratic and liberal institutions in Hungary. We will also present examples of the Hungarian government’s attempts to monopolise the definition of “the family” and hollow out the social representation of child protection. In addition, we will explore resistance against the recent anti-LGBTIQ policies through children’s literature

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We ask that participants read the paper before the workshop, which we will share with registered participants one week in advance. After a brief presentation of the paper, most of the workshop will be devoted to discussion.

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