April 21 (online) Zaharijević on Debunking Myths on/in the East of Europe

Join us for our April 21 meeting at 2pm to 3pm (New York time) on Zoom, when we welcome Adriana Zaharijević, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade.

In this presentation, Zaharijević examines a myth within East/West feminist venues. By addressing it, she tackles several issues that are marring feminist scholarship and also feminist public life. The first will refer to hierarchies within feminist postsocialist scholarship, the second to the incompatibility of myth to different feminist realities, and the third to the entrenching of divisions within feminisms, this time thriving on recognition/redistribution, economy/culture, class/gender divides.

We ask that participants read the author’s short paper in advance. Zaharijević will give a short presentation at the workshop, and then participants will be invited to share their comments and suggestions.

Please email for the paper.

Register for Zoom link here:

Questions: Mara Lazda ( or Janet E. Johnson (

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