Mar. 13, Anna Ehrhart, “Women’s Organizations in Contemporary Turkey: Linking Formal Politics and Civil Society in Times of Undemocratic Uncertainty”


Gender and Transformation: Women in Europe Workshop
NYU Center for European & Mediterranean Studies

Friday, March 13

Anna Ehrhart
PhD candidate in political science,
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Mid-Sweden University/Sweden;
Research Fellow at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII)

“Women’s Organizations: Linking Formal Politics and Civil Society in Times of Undemocratic Uncertainty—Experiences from Contemporary Turkey”

53 Washington Square South,
3rd Floor East,
4:30–6 p.m.

Anna Ehrhart is a PhD candidate in political science at Mid-Sweden University Photo Anna Ehrhart_2019in Sundsvall, Sweden, and a visiting PhD researcher at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2018–2019, Ehrhart was a research fellow at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII), conducting fieldwork in Turkey as part of her PhD research. Her research interests include women’s political representation, women’s civil society engagement, de-democratization processes, and gender politics. In her PhD dissertation, “Women’s political representation and civic engagement in contexts of democratic transition,” Ehrhart studies practices of linking and building relationships drawing on the experiences of women’s organizations and women politicians in contemporary semi-democratic Turkey.

All are welcome, but you must RSVP to Sonia Jaffe Robbins
The workshop meets at NYU’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies
53 Washington Square South, 3rd floor East
4:30–6 p.m.
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Spring 2018 Workshops, Starting Jan. 26

Welcome to our Spring 2018 workshops,
at NYU’s Center for European & Mediterranean Studies

January 26

Eser Selen
artist and associate professor, Department of Visual Communication,
Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey.
Namalie Jayasinghe
Ph.D., School of International Service at American University;
Women’s Rights Researcher, Oxfam, America

“Mapping Gender Equality and Violence Discourses in Turkey” 

February 16

Catalina Florina Florescu, Ph.D.
Department of English
Pace University

“Back to Shame: A Talk About Reproduction, Violated Rights,
and the ‘Traditional Family’ ”

March 9

Natalie Cornett
Ph.D. candidate in Modern European History

“TV-PiS: The Right Wing Takeover of Polish Media from a Feminist Perspective”

March 26
***PLEASE NOTE: The following meeting is on MONDAY, at 5 P.M.***

Mieke Verloo
professor of Political Science, Comparative Politics, and Inequality Issues,
Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands
director, Multidisciplinary Research Hotspot, Gender and Power in Politics and Management; affiliated with Gender and Diversity Studies

“Understanding Varieties of Opposition to Gender Equality in Europe”

April 27

Olena Nikolayenko
associate professor of political science,
Fordham University

“Women on the Maidan: Gender and the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine”

We meet at the Center for European & Mediterranean Studies, NYU, 53 Washington Square South, 3rd floor, 4:30-6 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). After the workshop, we usually continue the discussion over an informal dinner, and all are welcome.